Buildings and Houses

If you would build a building which sort of building would you build?

  • Dog house
  • Apartment Complex
  • Bird House
  • Sky Scraper
  • Gingerbread House

Consider the purpose of the structure. Think of a castle. What walls, windows, furniture or kinds of people would go into such a building? Kings and queens, of course, plus all sorts of rank and staff, wait persons, butlers, cooks and guards.

  • What if the castle is a meant for a fish bowl...where would the fish put all those people?
  • How about dogs houses? Dogs may live in people houses but most people would not be happy living in dog houses.
  • Tall skyscraper buildings in big cities can be business offices.
  • Apartments, hotels, motels and condominiums are alternative places for people who don't want to live in houses.
  • Barns are out-buildings built on country farms or large acreages. Some barns contain livestock, other contain hay bales or farm equipment.
  • Outdoor structures such as garages and sheds protect hold just about anything that must or can be stored outdoors from rain, snow and other inclement weather.