Deer and Antelope Play

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Reindeer, or caribou, are semi-domesticated livestock which have been herded and raised for centuries by many cultures for their meat, hides, milk and transportation. The most well known deer in folk art surely must be the tale of flying reindeerpulling Santa Claus's Christmas sleigh full of gifts. Bambi is another famous fictional deer.

Elk and Caribou

The deer is depicted in many, world cultures in paintings, stories and song. Some Christians consider the deer to be a symbol of Christ. In Hindu mythology, the goddess Saraswati can assume the form of a red deer called Rohit.

Deer are considered messengers to the gods in Shintoism, the indigenous spirituality of Japan. Chinese paintings frequently depict deer as symbols of tranquility. Deer are commonly represented in heraldry by the stag or hart. Some government agencies in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Israel, England and Ireland have deer or reindeer depicted on official coats-of-arms or shields used in heraldry.

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Deer and Antelope or Caribou Theme Gift Wrap