big bow candybox1200Candy Box Theme

These designs remind me of some of the old fashioned candy boxes I would see in Mother's closet and Grandmother's memory collection.  One of my favorite memories is rifling through old Sears catalogues to see all the old time clothing and funky machinery and wonder at the prices of items back then.  Of course as a child I had no point of reference to recognize a thing so lofty a notion as inflation.  So when I saw a package of candies at the outrageous price of one small penny I longed to spend my 25 cent allowance just once in the past.  Hmmm, perhaps this is where my interest in time  travel was born.

So, with that in mind...candy boxes to time travel, I thought these images would be great for children to decorate to give to members of the family and friends for special heart days.

Print these Valentine's Day Candy Box image, color with crayons or markers and make hanging ornaments, latch hook rugs or laminate for place mats.  These candy box Valentine patterns make cute, enjoyable gifts children can easily make themselves to go along with Valentine's Day envelopes or as Valentine cards to print on specialized paper, refrigerator magnets, home-made transparencies and window appliques.