drumming valentine teddy bear1200Sweet Heart Bears

Teddy bears originated in 1902 when then president Theodore Rosevelt went on a disastrous hunting trip that turned into a major publicity boondoggle.  Since then they have evolved to become one of the most beloved, popular toys for children.  Around February every year, Beanie baby bears, teddy bears, giant pandas and every imaginable furry little doll in between appear in stores everywhere holding hearts and sweets for Valentine gifts. These paper printable bear Valentines make cute, enjoyable gifts children can easily make themselves to go along with Valentine's Day envelopes or as gift cards to print on specialized paper, refrigerator magnets, home-made transparencies and window appliques.

Stuffed bears come in all shapes and sizes for all occasions. Valentine teddy bears come decorated with hearts, candy and sweet messages. Christmas Teddy bears will be decked out with candy canes and Santa Claus or elf costumes. Easter teddies come with chocolate Easter bunnies and jelly beans. Pick any holiday or occasion and chances are there's a stuffed teddy bear to match.

Bears and Teddy Bears